Sober for 6 Years Now

I don’t usually talk about this on social media but I’m now 6 years sober. I’m reposting some old photos of me drinking as a reminder of who I was/is when I drink. I don’t take down old photos of myself because it reminds me who I was/is and what I have learned from those experiences. I wouldn’t change the past for a minute. I have met so many great people and have had so many great experiences, but it was the right decision for myself to stop drinking because probably if I kept on the same path I would have killed myself. I wasn’t truly happy. So 6 years ago I quit alcohol cold turkey. It wasn’t easy by any means. I had to stop hanging out with friends and going out to bars and parties for about 6 months to a year before I felt comfortable with myself. To be in control of not drinking and falling to peer pressure. I’m now out 4-5 nights a week dancing at bars/clubs (haven’t been out since covid). I now feel I have the mental power not to fall to the pressure, but I do take it a day at a time. What really has helped me is finding hobbies outside of drinking like reading, hiking, walking, working out, playing soccer, and etc. So know if you want to stop or feel like you need to stop drinking then you should stop or get help to stop. There are so many resources and people out there to help you stop if you want to. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF and I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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